Thursday, 14 August 2014

Retrospective 2 - The Engine Catches

They escaped Better Than Any Man's slice-of-Germany in session 11.

Session 12 was A Single, Small Cut where George and Jay's characters died in a genuinely heartwrenching fashion.
It was also the session where Renzo showed up, who would be incredibly good and fun and reliable until his eventual return to his home Italy.
Liisa whose Dwarf remained unnamed for many sessions until her leg got chopped off in session 20, was a good player. She was also new to the game and also Finnish so ended up being a sort of swap-out replacement for Emmi when she had to go back to her mother country.
Losing players to emmigration happens a fair amount in London.

Chris arrived and was very much a rules-focussed player who was in our game until he could find a more rulesy Pathfindery sort of game. He got really pissed off when his character got cursed in the God That Crawls to need to ask everyone at the table for permission before he could do anything, saying it ruined his character. Not the game for him, really. I think he did find a Pathfinder group in the end.

These guys were all pretty reliable. I was out of the crucible now. Tom kept trying to change the date so that he could fit D&D around his various mid-week obligations then never showing up anyway, but he wasn't crucial for the game to keep going so I eventually stopped shifting things around. He'd show up occasionally, but the group culture had sort of changed in the interim so he was an outsider rather than the core.

The rules were still in a state of flux, but it's hard to find evidence for what they actually were at the time! Definitely some early unrefined combat tweaks in there, anyway.
Also the first business investment using LotFP mostly Rules-as-Written. I'd change this eventually.

I generated towns and villages on the Gate area map by rolling stats for them, which worked well.
Zak's blog post here was the inspiration.
I still use this method for stocking villages when I do a zoomed-in map level. It's great!

My first smaller scale map ever, d'aww/

Mini Reviews:

A Single Small Cut. 
Review here. A good little side-mission that takes about session to finish. Resulted in one of the coolest moments in the game to date.

Caspian's Delve
A mountainous dungeon of my own design, most significant were the blood birds that lived in the walls and got spooked easily by loud noises. Unfortunately barely explored. One of the first deaths by Save or Die poison, they never returned.

Tower of the Stargazer
Good fun! Well documented as a good starter dungeon. Several sessions here. Calcidius was released and had a vendetta against the party which was never realised since all the characters present had died by the time he tried to enact his revenge.
Such is D&D.
One of the players apprenticed himself to Calcidius briefly so he got these star-spells.

The God That Crawls
Man, can you tell I'd been busting to use the LotFP modules in my collection?
This dungeon inspired my post on how to run negadungeons. I loved running this a second time round, I really fucked it up when I ran it in Australia.
It was also the first time I'd run something where everyone was in different parts of the map and it was massively confusing! Good experience for Scenic Dunnsmouth some time later.

A Thousand Dead Babies
Fucking great. Little self-contained weirdo mystery. This big black knight guy chopped off the as-yet-unnamed Dwarf's leg and she needed to get a pegleg. Subsequently became named Peggy.
As far as I remember, they basically rocked in and murdered any cultists they could find.

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