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Session 282 - Red, Robots and Sir Robyn

Sir Robyn's tower complete! Robot bull and robot manservant acquired, and of course more importantly a robot doppelganger of Red for Jeremy to have for a girlfriend...

 Session 282 - Red, Robots and Sir Robyn

New Backstory:
- Poison Phil was shanghai’d by his own gang then left out in the wastes - there’s no honour among thieves. He found his way back days later to find them gone. +1 Bushcraft.
- Kandy was spoilt by his loving parents in his youth, and was in fact a plump and well-preened young lad. +1 to reaction rolls when you're wearing clean, stylish clothes.

- Painting of Sir Robyn being born (1000 exp)
- Book #199: The Troll (100 exp)
- Book #188: Shamash, Bolide Dragon (100 exp)
- Book #125: POWERLAD and the Busty Barbarian (100 exp)
- Book #212: On Duvan’Ku (100 exp)
- Book #157: The Dam (100 exp)
Total: 1500 exp

Foes Defeated:

- A clockwork bull, fixed extra good (100 exp)
- Some illusory Reds (200 exp)
- Red, Robot Waifu (1500 exp)
Total: 1800 exp

- Cleared Sir Robyn’s Tower! (600 exp)
Total: 600 exp


--- Sir Robyn’s Tower Continues
- Having just learnt the story of Kandy’s fancy lad past, the party watch as he roots through Sir Robyn’s costume drawer to find some fancy clothes. Equipped now with a fancy costume pirate outfit, everyone can agree that he deserves that +1 to Reaction Rolls! He also grabs some suspicious dancing clogs of a sort that everyone agrees probably make you dance yourself to death.
- They head upstairs into a place with moving portraits depicting pivotal moments from Sir Robyn’s life. Dispiritingly for Red, her birth and time-fuckery childhood and eventual murder are only seen in the background of one of the images.
- On a pedestal in the middle of the room there is a crystal skull with big prominent Elf ears carved on. It talks! Calling itself Theron, it says it’s very interested in Necromancy and it also speaks Gremling - an Elvish dialect. He also knows Gifflewim, having been traded to Sir Robyn some time ago.
- Handily he informs the party that there’s a poison gas trap under his head if they jostle him. Jeremy Wizard draws a Take-Air rune to suck the gas inwards once the head is taken. Trap disabled!
- Poison Phil grabs one of the moving portraits - this depicting Sir Robyn being born, complete with full beard and wig.

--- My Finest Potions
- They go into the next area and find a lab stocked with potion ingredients! No-cost potion making is now possible! More importantly - potion instructions to actually make some potions!
- Specifically they get recipes for these potions:
-- #11: Animal Control
-- #237: Sticky Syrup
-- #141: Goblin Control
-- #249: Asthma
-- #166: Levitation

--- The Clockwork People
- The next room is a clockwork workshop with a bunch of cogs and gears and mysterious machines. In the middle of the room is a big clockwork bull, its large key being turned by a pillar. Its horns are on a nearby surface, so Kandy puts them on the bull. It starts walking around clumsily so Kandy also mashes his sword into the gears, to the bull’s confusion!
- Jeremy casts Mending but is, again, interrupted by the bees! Luckily the distracting bees serve to amplify his spell, double-Mending the bull and making it much improved!
- The bull follows them around much less clumsily, and they peek into the last room on this floor and find a clockwork stick-man by the name of Reginald. Using the parrot clue from downstairs, Red says the command words and Reginald is now her butler!
- He says he was attacked by a different-looking Red earlier, and that this mystery Red fled into an extradimensional doorway built into the wall of the tower. Also there’s a small library here which everyone obviously nicks.

--- The Other Reds
- The party steps through the extradimensional doorway, guided by Reginald, and appear in a vast misty space. Red is face to face with herself, and also several other Reds wearing paper masks with the rest of the party’s faces drawn on!
- Red questions the very premise of this whole puzzle and… the illusion disappears! The paper-masked Reds vanish and the misty space becomes a tower interior.
- The main copy of Red, standing before our real Red, raises a rapier and challenges her to a duel.
- Red challenges this premise too - telling the clearly robotic Red before her that they all have free will and fighting won’t solve anything. The robot Red yields!

--- Sir Robyn’s Dumb Gift
- Sir Robyn shimmers into existence at one side of the room, clapping his hands joyfully, congratulating Red for solving his puzzles with the power of friendship!
- He grants her full inheritance of the tower, and grants her a clockwork soul! Red takes it and looks at it in distaste when she realises it’s a machine that uses a bunch of other souls constantly whirling round and round inside it. Also she doesn’t really need it. She tries to give it back and Sir Robyn explodes - he was a robot too.
- Jeremy Wizard decides to retire here in the tower. It’s got everything he needs - magic stuff, food, bees to be friends with his bee, and most importantly - a waifu in the form of Robot Red.

--- Safehouse Tower
- They stay a few nights so that Poison Phil can brew up some potions from the recipes. He gets 4 Goblin Control potions and a rando.
- Jeremy Wizard discovers that Archibald’s heart has been broken by Robot Red choosing Jeremy over him. Jeremy casts Mending, now unmolested by bees, and fixes Archibald’s broken heart. That was easy!
- Kandy cooks on the last night - a new and “special” dish called Friendship Fondon'te w/ Ferret. It contains Frazzlejack, Ferret, Canned Bread, Rolos and Whale Caviar. It is… not good.

--- To the Mysterious Pub
- With a surprising amount of time left in the session after all that short-circuiting of puzzles and such, it’s decided to head out to investigate that weird pub they saw on the way down. It’s a lovely clear day!
- They set off on their wagon, this time pulled by Ferdinand the robot bull. They come across some Ferfect Chicken past Despond, and roll on towards the pub at the crossroads outside Pindle.

--- Crossroads Pub
- Through the clear air, they can see the pub they only glimpsed through the rain on the way to the tower. They park up and go in, finding it to be full of square-jawed Dwarves! It smells of swamp but it’s ok, and the Dwarves themselves have a sort of brick texture. Inclusions rather than true Dwarves, then.
- It’s quiz night at the pub, damp paper being passed around for the picture round. Red chats with the dwarfs during a marking break and ascertains that these guys would be very willing to help build a town around Sir Robyn’s tower in exchange for pay! Lovely!
- Meanwhile, shenanigans ensue when Andromeda sneaks down into the basement after one of the little guys… only to discover humans chained up in the cellar below! She reforms when the dwarf is gone and tries to free them… but they think it’s a vampire trick!
- It transpires that they think that they’re safer here than out there (which is more or less true, to be fair) and they’re fairly happy to be safe down in the cellar, occasionally giving blood in exchange for food and shelter.
- Poison Phil tries to persuade them that it’s ok out there, but they think this is a trick too! Poison Phil tries to set the place on fire even though it is made of brick, then jumps out a window as the damp curtains gutter with oil-fire.
- Red steals a slave and runs and the party follow after at great speed, fleeing from the angry dwarves who are yelling about the party ruining their quiz night!
- Poison Phil’s pistol is smoking from where he shot the quiz-master in the face. Andromeda is wiping blood from her chin where she fucking ate a guy. This really went to shit!
- Ahead, ash-blackened skeletons rise up from the verge! At least this scares the Dwarves from chasing further. Red smashes her clockwork soul and throws it towards the skeletons, diverting them away! The wagon rolls on at speed back to Sir Robyn’s tower. What a caper!

Total: 9000 exp

Remembrancer: George/Charles (100 exp)
Expedition Leader: Kitty (100 exp)
Cartographer: George (100 exp)

Quartermaster: Ollie (100 exp)
Vanguard: George (100 exp)
Triage: Ollie (100 exp)
Chef: Ollie (100 exp)

- Art Attack bonus (Charles - 100 exp)
- Artapalooza bonus (Charles - 100 exp)

- Jeremy Wizard has retired to live in Red’s Tower with his new robot girlfriend.

Exp Totals:

- Kitty / Andromeda, Level 8 Andromedan Vampire: 168584 (Level MAX)

- Tim / Red, Level 8 Duellist Fighter: 156077 (Level MAX)

- Charles / Jeremy Wizard, Level 7 Magic-User: 101746 (Level up at 144000)
*Retired to laifu with waifu* 🎉🎉🎉🎉

- Ollie / Kandy Toffee-Apple Moon D'Moor, Level 7 Intergalacticist Cleric: 83627 (Level up at 112000)

- George / Poison Phil, Level 4 Fighter: 8749 (Level up at 16000)
Level Up! +1d8HP! +1 to hit! +1 to crit/fumble! +backstory!

- Charles / Charles' Next Character, Level 1 ???: 2880 (Level up at ???)

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