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Session 155 - Barbarian Nights

It's a return to the Barrowmaze! After spending a while rooting around in pre-plundered barrows, the crew descends and follows a remarkably accurate map before running out of time.
New arrivals "Elf Barbarian" and an actual Barbarian turn the team into brutal hand to hand combat unit against enemies whose only crime was rolling poorly and also attempted murder.

Looks like the map was fairly accurate though, so maybe next time we'll see the danger zone itself?? How excite!
Or more likely, since it's halloween, something spooky will happen...

Inline images 1
- Tom depicts newcomer Loki Axefuck

Session 155 - Barbarian Nights

Campaign Date:
Last Day, 30 October, 1600
Moon Phase: Full
Zodiac: Virgo

New Characters:
- Bjorn Gunnerson, a huge Barbarian and scholar. Knows many languages.
- Loki Axefuck, maybe-transgender definitely trans-Barbarian Elf, bad at speaking which is ironic for an Elf whose heartspell is Message.

Enemies Defeated:
- A couple of big toads (50 exp)
- An innocent skeleton (10 exp)
- 8 foolish ambushers (80 exp)
Total: 140 exp

Treasure and Equipment:
- 2 tarnished silver candle holders (100 exp)
- A tarnished silver ring (50 exp)
- 30gp, 30sp, 1300cp (1660 exp)
- A pair of silver earrings (500 exp)
- Q3 Silver-veined iron dagger
- Book key
Total: 2310 exp

Exploration:- Explored 2 barrows (40 exp)
- Explored 10 dungeon rooms (200 exp)- 3 wandering monsters rolled (150 exp)
Total: 390 exp

- After meeting new arrivals Bjorn and Loki, waiting around for POWERLAD and Zena's stat damage to return, and witnessing Loki spending a month researching a spell that mirrors Barbarian rage, the group heads off to the Barrowmoor. They have a map, and just need to work out where it starts from. (50 exp)
- But first, scrounging! They head towards a plundered barrow and find it filled with grimy water and pond scum. (50 exp)
- Wading in, POWERLAD is assailed by a slippery flippy floppy tongue! Beneath the murk are a couple of massive toads. (50 exp)
- It's no big deal though. POWERLAD manages to get one in a full nelson and tie its tongue in a knot, while Bjorn shanks another one with a letter opener. Too easy! (50 exp)
- The Take-Light-Cold glyph trick is done again, sucking up all the water in the room and conveniently revealing a couple of silver candlesticks that whoever originally looted this tomb must have missed! Score! (50 exp)
- With nothing else of note to be found, the group decide to scrounge in another plundered barrow. At the entrance there's a skeleton hanging around. It goes to move off, but POWERLAD is too fast and smashes it with hammers! Skeleton is kill. (50 exp)

Inline images 1

- A smashed-in sarcophagus is within, and a thorough search reveals a silver ring that had rolled into a crack in the floor. Not a bad little haul really! (50 exp)
- After spending the morning mooching around pre-plundered barrows, Bjorn is getting restless. Down into the dungeon proper it is! (50 exp)
- Nix complains about proper mapping as everyone else charges on straight, following the map towards the area marked "CERTAIN DOOM!". Classic. The map seems mostly accurate though, so there's that! (50 exp)

Inline images 2

- A series of rooms go by uneventfully, eventually passing an alcove containing a pretty slick silver-veined iron dagger. Loki tries to pick it up, but the cold iron BURNS her elvish flesh! Bjorn grabs it gleefully. (50 exp)
- A relief of a silver-scaled dragon getting murdered by hordes of skeletons is seen, instead of eyes it has a strange new X-shaped rune on its face! (50 exp)

Inline images 3

- Nix immediately tries using it in a glyph, but though it takes her energy nothing happens. POWERLAD theorises that the death of the dragon meant that its rune became inert. (50 exp)
- A red-eyed super zombie is seen, but it flees cackling before it can be killed. (50 exp)
- While walking through a room piled with filth, Galaxy Johnson is shot in the leg by a crossbow bolt! He turns and throws his torch into the middle of the room, revealing several shady guys hurriedly reloading. (50 exp)
- Shield formation! Everyone locks in to PROTECC Galaxy Johnson while POWERLAD bursts forward to ATTACC. A hidden killer takes a swipe with a knife to no avail. (50 exp)
- Loki finishes casting ELF RAGE and he slides in with a double-evisceration gambit. What a move! The crowd goes wild. (50 exp)

Inline images 4

- Galaxy Johnson is in trouble, quietly bleeding out in the corner. He's close to death! (50 exp)
- The side effect of Elf Rage is retaliatory Chaos Bursts, and his attacker turns out to be an old friend in a puff of magic. You've changed, man. (50 exp)
- Loki's rage runs out, to snide remarks about how long she lasts in battle from Nix. A knife-wielding looter takes the opportunity to attack, but fails miserably. (50 exp)
- The surviving looters give up and try to surrender and explain themselves. They have their helmets nicked by the party and run off before Loki can persuade everyone else to let him murder them. (50 exp)
- Nix boots up a healing glyph, temporarily stemming Galaxy Johnson's bleeding. Phew! (50 exp)
- While Nix keeps the heal on, the room is searched. Stashed gold in the rubble left by the fleeing tomb robbers! Excellent! And a key whose end is shaped like a book. Mysterious. (50 exp)

Inline images 5

- The party bail back to the surface, luckily facing no opposition on the way out. Upon reaching Helix, new party physician Eleanor rushes out to nurse Galaxy Johnson back to health. A successful day out! (50 exp)
- With Galaxy Johnson back on his feet, it's time to party! With multiple Barbarians, it's sure to be a good time. (50 exp)
- Four days of carousing later, Bjorn wakes up with all of his stuff stolen. Damn! Loki is the life of the party with unfortunate consequences - carousing costs double for her in this town from now on. (50 exp)
- A strange mood settles upon the already pretty spooky town... Halloween is upon us! (50 exp)
Total: 1300 exp

- Absolutely Disgusting bonus (50 exp)
- Aggressive Negotiations 
bonus (50 exp)
- Balls to the Wall bonus (50 exp)
- Brutal Kill bonus (50 exp)
- Classic Charles bonus (50 exp)
- Dramatic Battle bonus (50 exp)
- Fame bonus (50 exp)
- Long Deliberation bonus (50 exp)
- Noblebright bonus (50 exp)
- PETA bonus (50 exp)
- Pundemonium bonus (50 exp)
- SpoOOooOooOoky bonus (50 exp)
- WWE bonus (50 exp)
Total: 650 exp

Party Roles and Individual Exp:
- Remembrancer (Charles / Galaxy Johnson - 100 exp)
- Caller (Tom / Loki Axefuck - 100 exp)
- Mapper (Fraser / Nix - 100 exp)
- Treasurer (Fraser / Nix - 100 exp)
- Guard (Kitty / POWERLAD - 100 exp)
- Carousing! +10% weekend party bonus
-- Galaxy Johnson - 330 exp
-- Bjorn Gunnerson - 1320 exp (thieves stole all your stuff)
-- Loki Axefuck - 330 exp (carousing costs double)
-- Bertha - 660 exp
-- Nix - 1320 exp
- Philanthropy!
-- Loki Axefuck - 800 exp (attracted attention of thieves)
- Art Attack bonus (Charles, Tom - 100 exp ea)
- Artapalooza bonus (Charles - 100 exp)
- Chippo Man bonus (Tom*2 - 200 exp)
JÜGBRINGYR bonus (Kitty - 500 exp)

 "The Barrowmaze is not wheelchair accessible"
- "The Goblin Windrider battle festival comes soon, but with Edge overrun and Dwarrow surrounded I doubt it'll go ahead this year"
- "Cardinal Scream cannot be killed, he always keeps a single crow hidden on Mt Death Frost"

Active Businesses:
- Bone Alone. Wild. 318sp. (Zena's Stake: 212sp, Carrie's Stake: 106sp)
- Spicy Mac's Spices. Risky. 3840sp.
- Honey Healing. Safe. 2014sp. (Nix's Stake: 1679sp. Bertha's Stake: 335sp)

Out of Action:
- Gimlass. Broken Collarbone. Healed by: 2nd November 1660.

Death Toll and Injuries:
- Other than Galaxy Johnson's run-in with near death, none!
Exp Totals:
- Fraser / Nix Neckbiter, Level 6 Barbarian: 52949 (Level up at 64000)- Kitty / POWERLAD!, Level 6 Muscle Wizard: 47889 (Level up at 72000)
- Tom / Loki Axefuck, Level 1 Elf (Flibbertigibbet): 2488 (Level up at 3000)
- Charles / Galaxy Johnson, Level 1 Elf (Alpdrucke): 2446 (Level up at 3000)
--- Relford, Level 0 Hireling
- Yuri / Bjorn Gunnerson, Level 2 Barbarian: 2278 (Level up at 4000)
*DING!* +1d8 HP! +2 rolls on Barbarian Levelup Table! +1 round rage!

Absent or Retired:- Sunni / Larry's Legends, Level 1 Extras: 758 (Level up at 1500)
- Fraser / Tippin, Level 1 Ratman: 1458 (Level up at 1500)

- Kitty / Bertha, Level 1 Necromancer: 1718 (Level up at 2250)
- Charles / Zena, Level 6 Fighter: 41566 (Level up at 64000)
- James / Ratimir, Level 3 Ratman: 3761 (Level up at 6000)
- Tom / Meteor Power Shower, Level 2 Barbarian: 3061 (Level up at 4000)
- Andy / Carrie Meleste, 
Level 5 Cleric: 24337 (Level up at 28000)
Nix's Retainer
--- Huz, Level 0 Hireling
- Tom / Spicy Mac, Level 2 Halfling: 3457 (Level up at 4000)- Eleanor / Mugg, Level 2 Fighter: 2357 (Level up at 4000)- Kyle / Gimlass the Brave, Level 2 Dwarf: 2257 (Level up at 4400)
- Amar / Amar's Cleric, Level 1 Cleric: 1413 (Level up at 1750)

- Henry / Henry's Next Character: +2084 exp
- Ollie / Tremendo Picante, Level 2 Ratman: 2654 (Level up at 3000)

- James / Raaf van Held, Level 4 Fighter: 14838 (Level up at 16000)

- Eglė / Bob, Level 1 Dwarf: 434 (Level up at 2200)

- Ollie / Andromeda Spiderbite, 
Level 5 Muscle Wizard: 19872 (Level up at 36000)
Will / Cecil Fulbright, Level 5 Cleric (Termaxian): 15063 (Level up at 28000)
- James / William Fox-Shitt, Level 3 Cleric (Zeanist): 4571 (Level up at 7000)

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