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Session 41 - Shopaholics Anonymous

So, kind of a setup session this week rather than the previous deadly depths and dungeon crawling.
So nice to not be running out of food and light in the dark fungus-strewn depths! You found out a lot of general campaign information though, when Brad the Stabbinator decided to nick Vaporius' head a couple of weeks ago I had no idea that it would actually come in useful.

A fair few inter-session questions and things this week!

On exp -
Someone (I think Sofia via Clay) asked why exp totals are so different between classes.
Basically the magic using classes (like elves and wizards) end up way more powerful than the non-magic guys (like fighters and specialists) at higher levels. As a sort of balancing mechanism, it takes them longer to get there.
It's a bit odd, but there it is. Apparently it's traditional.

In case you were wondering, I do just make up the exp bonuses. I write them down as they happen here though - Bonus exp.

On investments -
I've attached the relevant bit of the rulebook. Enjoy!
Only difference is you'll get your return every month, rather than every year. A month between dividends is long enough, especially at the normal speed of the campaign.

For Alex -
Yea goblins are pretty wacky, I think every guy who runs D&D tries to do their own weird version of goblins.
Mine are a weird mix of ant and potato and you can read more here.

For Dominic -
The potions you found a couple of sessions ago but got washed off your sheet were #10, #172 and #192.
The Wizard of Grafton who you know as "the asshole wizard" will identify them for you at 50sp a pop, each one takes a day to identify.
Alternatively, you can roll Arcana to identify them yourself. If you identify a potion wrong then I'll tell you it's something else ha ha ha.
Intelligence bonus applies and a Magic-User with the Identify spell in their head gets a +2 bonus to Arcana, if that helps.

On resurrecting the dead -
The primary means of earning a Raise is to live in Fate for at least a year and pay its ridiculous and baroque series of taxes. Unfortunately for you, adventuring types have to pay a high premium due to the large amounts of undeclared income they tend to accrue.
It's around 15 gold a month to get you an apartment, food, access to all the amenities like healthcare and public baths, and (of course) the ability to come back from the dead.
Generally you can buy a Raise on the grey market for 200 gold (that's 10000 silver) since they're at something of a premium in these troubled times.
One last thing - the higher level you are, the greater the risks of complications occuring. There are reasons for this that probably count as campaign mysteries oOOooOOoooOOoo.

Phew! Onwards to the actual recap.

Session 41 - Shopaholics Anonymous

Campaign date:
Saturday, July 27th 1549
Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous (Elves weakened)
Zodiac: Cancer

New Characters:
- Tick, a Goblin Clockmaker who is constantly astounded both by the world into which he's emerged and his own quasi-vegetative nature.
- Reg, a Dwarf Minstrel who plays a Theremin he insists is magical.

Enemies defeated:
- A crawling blob of oozing gunk, fled from as it burned in a web. (50 exp)
Total: 50 exp

Treasure and Equipment:
- Nothing looted, but there was a heap of frenzied buying of high quality stuff.
- Also dogs.
- So many dogs.
Total: 0 exp

- 30 miles of travel (50 exp)
- First party to enter the Meeting House of Duvan'Ku in Pillartown (100 exp)
- First party (well, technically second) to behold the Sacrificial Stone suspended by three iron chains from three ancient and wizened oaks above a wide and evil-smelling pit from whence mad fluting and terrified screams ring ominously across the forest. (200 exp)
Total: 350 exp

- Didn't get lost after emerging into a random place in the forest (50 exp)
- All except Tick joined the totes legit Most Enlightened Order of Duvan'Ku (formerly the Necromantic Society of Friends, also trading as the Dead Cult of Duvan'Ku) (50 exp)
- Persuaded Grand Master Heisenschmidt to accompany you out of the anti-magic zone via such charismatic statements as "I am very charismatic". (50 exp)
- Escaped the green globule monster via application of webs, fires, and dog, first people to try my new fleeing gimmick. (50 exp)
- Managed to talk to the head of St Vaporius via séance. (50 exp)
- Reached the place St Vaporius had indicated to be the source of the mold. Discovered the pit. (50 exp)
- Matilda spent 85sp on Philanthropy (Matilda - 68 exp)
- Punchfist invested 150sp in a stable investment and hired an accountant. I forgot what he invested in though!
- Diplomacy bonus (50 exp)
- Long deliberation bonus (50 exp)
- PETA bonus (50 exp)
- RSPCA bonus (50 exp)
- Shopping Spree bonus (100 exp)
- Serendipitously, Matilda's player was once in the party that killed Baba Yaga nearly 300 years ago. Her knowledge from those times is something her character knows via... folklore? As a descendant of her old character? Who knows! Anyway that was too rad a coincidence to waste. (200 exp)
Total: 800 exp + bonus

Quests and Rumours:
- Poster of smiling man on tree said "For your one-stop shop, call the name of Gifflewim into the wind under the New Moon's dark!"
- The Necromancers seek to destroy the mold by using the Undead as mold-resistant shock troops.
- "The mold bandits are in league with Moldus Vane. He is the source of this horrible mold."
- "Fortress City Fate is offering a Raise to those who destroy Necromancer leadership".
- "A wizard in Caspian's Delve was offering 50 silver groats for information on the whereabouts and no-doubt nefarious activities of a mixed race party including a thieving halfling."
- "The Undead armies are marching on Moondin"
- "It is said that four great necromancer-generals command the dread hordes of the undead."
- You asked Vaporius' head "How can we stop the mold, as you once did?" and he uttered an answer - "Resurrect Baba Yaga".

Death Toll and Injuries:
- Brad's dog :'(

Exp Totals:
Renzo / Mushroom Lover, Level 4 Elf (Alpdrucke): 22008 (Level up at 24000)
Dominic / Fungonius, Level 4 Cleric: 9195 (Level up at 14000)
Ej / Matilda, Level 2 Specialist: 1839 (Level up at 3000)
Sev / Brad the Stabbinator, Level 1 Fighter: 1871 (Level up at 2000)
Clay / Punchfist Van Hit, Level 1 Muscle Wizard: 1871 (Level up at 2250)
Kyle / Balthizar the Name Unconfirmed Scottish Dwarf, Level 1 Dwarf: 1771 (Level up at 2200)
Alex / Tick, Level 1 Goblin: 150 (Level up at 2000)
Harry / Reg, Level 1 Dwarf: 150 (Level up at 2200)


Absent or Retired:
Sofia / Ceres, Level 1 Elf (Hollowback Ylfen): 906 (Level up at 3000)
Mariana / Aurora, Level 1 Cleric: 906 (Level up at 1750)
Mike / Lootle Halfstack, Level 1 Specialist: 715 (Level up at 1500)
Aaron / Maura, Level 1 Halfling: 1637 (Level up at 2000)
Matt / Sheik, Level 1 Barbarian: 767 (Level up at 2000)
Shaun / Nagash, Level 1 Necromancer: 817 (Level up at 2250)
rhhjdghjdshgjbleeeh / Elric, Level 1 Cleric: 817 (Level up at 1750)
Michael / Mist Urmun, Level 4 Magic User: 12881 (Level up at 18000)
Pawel / Devein, Level 1 Dwarf: 1160 (Level up at 2200)
Liisa / Peggy Pigrider, Level 4 Dwarf: 13395 (Level up at 17600)
-- Mr Burg, Level 1 Fighter: 655 (Level up at 2000)
Marco / Sauron, Level 1 Necromancer: 1530 (Level up at 2250)
Tom / NWA Chuck Langley, Level 1 Cleric: 951 (Level up at 1750)
Ros / Rhea, Level 1 Elf (Capriped): 850 (Level up at 3000)
John / Level 1 Magic-User: 1500 (Level up at 2000)
Dana / Bingo, Level 1 Muscle Wizard: 1461(Level up at 2250)
Chris / Crocell, Level 4 Halfling: 12318 (Level up at 16000)
-- Belial, Level 1 Fighter: 1047 (Level up at 2000)
Michael / Mist Urmun, Level 4 Magic User: 9129 (Level up at 18000)
Renzo / Gastani, Level 2 Barbarian: 3000 (Level up at 4000)
Chris2 / Gadling, Level 3 Specialist (Assassin): 4738 (Level up at 6000)
Joanna / Artemis, Level 2 Specialist (Healer): 2250 (Level up at 3000)
George / Magnus, Level 1 Cleric: 1342 (Level up at 1750)
Lisa / Bella, Level 1 Magic User: 1951 (Level up at 2250)
Jacob / Wizard Khalifa, Level 1 Muscle Wizard: 430 (Level up at 2250)
Marius' Totally-Not-Necromancer, Level 3 Necromancer: 5111 (Level up at 9000)
Nadav / Frog, Level 1 Fighter: 732 (Level up at 2000)
Charlie / Losh, Level 1 Elf (Habberjock): 309 (Level up at 3000)
Jack / Uldric, Level 1 Magic User: 409 (Level up at 2250)
Kate / Khaleesi, Level 1 Muscle Wizard: 37 (Level up at 2250)
Emmi / Lyrel, Level 2 Necromancer: 2891 (Level up at 4500)
--- Schmidt, Level 0 Human

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