Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Retrospective 11 - They Finally Escape from the Fucking Vagina Dungeon

So I quite liked Slaughtergrid but it's a real fucking grind, man. Especially when one of the players insists on mapping the place rather than trying to escape.

But phew! They escaped! Thank fuck for that!

Henry shows up, who's still around. He wanted to be a Bard! Too bad they suck.
He changed character to something more effective after a while! He also shows up to heaps of non-dnd events, and eventually got hazed into the secretive Established Players Council.

Tom retires Eleyn now that she's fucked up and in the body of a vagina demon monster, precluding her from leveling up ever again. Poor thing.
That I get to put her in the retired characters list as "Eleyn, 5HD genitalia demon with mind of an insane mutant gypsy" is brilliant. She'll get brought back for one final mission in a few months.

We tend to have too many players to take on newbies now, which is fine. It's a big ol' group though!

Session 110 ends with the players staging yet ANOTHER assault on Mt Deathfrost. Luckily they'll get waylaid by Halloween Gimmick Dungeons before they ascend the mountain to their inevitable doom.
Was that a spoiler?

We also see just how powerful a high level Necromancer can be! Automatic subjugation of low level Dead is an absolute monster of an ability, good thing I made it a spell instead of an intrinsic ability to bring it in line with Turn Undead.
I also find that having Last Breath as a necessary component of subjugating and controlling the dead is a real nice limitation all on its own. Things get a little hairy there when Sophia starts running out of the ol' death juice.

Having them locked in a dungeon for a few months means I got to advance the timeline a fair bit.
Peace with the Dead, Demons in control of Dwimmermount, religious infighting, and all sorts of other goodness. Shit's legit.

Tom even made a map of the campaign's main cathedral for me!

Mini Reviews:

Fourteen sessions of adventure through this place. By the end of it, the place felt like home.
I kept the gold rewards as-is, which meant that it was a place where everyone leveled up a whole lot of times before emerging reborn.
Lots of zany shit down here. I had the final room (which has a ziggurat which can be opened to reach deeper levels that YOU must create) actually lead to the inside of the head of the Slaughtergrid mecha itself. Fueled by Azoth from Dwimmermount, a hook to get them to delve that dark place so they could fuel up their murder machine, but they ended up not taking that particular bait!

Having rebirth as an intrinsic part of the dungeon is quite nice because you can be a reaaaaal dick with murdering people and feel zero guilt. They'll be back up soon enough, after all!

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