Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Retrospective 8 - Over the Christmas Hump

Christmas always ends up with a bunch of delayed sessions, generally because the pubs need the rooms for HIGH VALUE christmas drinking engagements.
Fair enough, and the Mad Hatter lets us know in advance, unlike the Crosse Keys back in the day.

Tom appears! Session 75, with Sparky the wizard. A very different Tom to the flaky guy who kicked this whole thing off, he's one of the current stalwarts who's here every week.
Also at time of writing here in Jan 2017, he's living in our spare bedroom with his girlfriend.

He started running games of his own a few months back, does some killer art, and has a blog over here at Tom's Imaginarium Dungeons & Doritos. Check him out!

Speaking of art, Session 77 brings us our first ever Art Attack! So Charles gets credit for that, too.
This will go on to be a constant and very welcome addition to our games. I still can't quite believe my D&D game gets fan art. Wait until you see the stuff they come out with over the next few years!

Mariana left for Portugal after half a year of being in the game, but she got to fly off on a giant eagle and see her ridiculous telenovella Halfling family in one of the silliest split-party sessions I've yet run.

Gamewise, after their names were cleared, they spent a lot of time trucking around working out what they wanted to do next.
Not one, but two failed assaults on Fortress Deathfrost, an ill-fated surprise trip to Castle Gargantua which I fucked up on my end, a fair amount of traipsing around the map, a distraction at Christmas for the Christmas Special, and a couple of trips to the Dwarf Satan Dungeon aka Hammers of the God, where they eventually found their way to the Rune Dungeon.

Next year for Secret Santa I got a whole damn BOOK of all the group's art to date!

Mini Reviews:

Fortress Deathfrost
Mentioned last time, attacked several times this time. They've never really planned ahead with this place, assuming it'll be like any other dungeon and they can just stroll in and loot/kill their way through the place.
It was the way back down the mountain that was most interesting, because that horrible dwarf and the fucked up wizard chick from Deep Carbon Observatory had been working their way up the mountain in order to ambush the party. I don't know if the party ever actually worked out that's what was going on, because they kept walking past slain guard posts and defences only to walk into worse traps.
Most importantly, GUIDO WAS BORN! This guy's my fave and you'll see more of him for the rest of time. Essentially they managed to catch a dying man's soul in a talking skull, named him Guido, and took him along for the ride. He's great, and Charles made me this sick prop with a moving mouth that I use when I do his voice. Just the best.

After all the "yea man, this game is going great! I can do it! I'm doing it!" of the previous few months, having a bad session that was entirely my fault was a real bummer.
Double bummer because I'd been excited to run this thing.
A combo of "oh shit I've got to run something I wasn't expecting!" and "how about I reskin on the fly!" ended up being pretty bleh. I was bummed about this for a while, hence the downer review-apology.
I like this castle and I want to run it again

Hammers of the God
The return! Something I like about putting the recaps up on a blog and tagging them by dungeon is that I can see the session chronology from the dungeon's perspective.
Turns out nobody who was there this time had been there last time!
I'd started on the Lorebonds by this point, and Kyle aka Jain Doe the Dwarf had long remembered how rad that one Rune Guy was that one time. He was going for the Lore of the Glyphs which deals with rune magic, and was champing at the bit to go find these things!
Soon he would have his wish.
HotG is a good module by the way.

My Christmas dungeon! Rather silly, still somehow took them a while to realise the bad guy was Santa Claus even though I'd made lots of references to "dyslexic cult leader summons Satan" and was known for dumb puns.
They murdered him like he was fucking nothing, the bastards. Then rode Rudolph's reindeer team off to carpetbomb Mt Death Frost to little effect.

Forgive Us
An unfortunate case of the "Oh Fuck I Forgot Your Character Sheets" led to a one-shot with this nice little module.
It's real good and inspired the game's VERY FIRST art attack which was damn good.
I recommend running it with low level characters because they will be scared of everything. But that's all modules, really!

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