Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Session 323 - Desperately Resting

Date: 21 August, 22 p.p.

Moon: New - Dragonwane
Zenith: Minerva

New Backstory:
- Peter Parabolus nearly died during an Indiana Jones-esque escapade. Luckily he saw the rolling boulder just in time, and leapt out of the way! +1 Awareness.


--- Crying Faces
- In the clanking darkness in the dungeon depths beneath within Fortress-City Fate, Peter Parabolus and Dorian "Ditto" de Mone pant as quietly as they can after their run-in with the tiger men and the demons. The sound of that battle can still be heard through the brass door.
- As silence falls once more, they take stock of their situation. Four, maybe five levels down into the Brass Hell. A corridor softly lit by Dorian's demonic glow. They hear the sound of sobbing from behind another door on the opposite side of the corridor. Maybe they should check it out?
- Dorian knocks. No answer, just more sobbing.
- They open the door and see two huge metal faces crying at each other from opposite sides of the room! Parabolus inspects one and finds multiple holes within the mouth.
- Alas! A trap! Crossbow bolts shoot from both faces, and the crying turns into a laugh!
- Parabolus, enraged, jams a rock into the laughing mouth of the face that shot him. It starts to weep... and having one laughing and one weeping opens the door out of the room! Lovely!

--- Surprisingly Chill Tiger People
- The next room is a guard room. Tiger people are lounging around. The leader of this little pack tells the pair that they must return to the demon chambers. It transpires that the tigers have a deal with the demons - they prevent anyone with emotions from leaving, and in return the demons get them cloned human carcasses to eat. A feast for a feast!
- Nevertheless, on discovering that the party is here to repair Fate, the tigers let them go onwards. It also turns out that these tiger-people are human minds who chose to be sleeved into humanoid tiger clones. They're furries, basically.
- Dorian and Parabolus take their leave, heading towards the roars which the tiger guys warned them about. Apparently the way down is over that way somewhere.
- They pass through the tiger-people's toilet room (smells bad) and go up another corridor. The walls shimmer with a rippling heat haze effect, though the temperature is still the same hissing warmth as ever down here in the bowels of the machine.

--- Cubic Sloth
- They continue onwards, almost walking straight into a few blue-masked demons! They are demons of sloth and take umbrage to the pair's blithe wanderings!
- A chase ensues, the Sloth field of the demons making their legs stiff and tired. The demons hunt them down and trap them in a dead end. The middle of the room has a big stone cube, rippled like jelly.
- A battle ensues with horrifying effect. The demons are strong! Attacks slap against their oozing sides with little effect, while their claws exact a heavy toll.
- Dorian rips the mask off of one of them and slaps it onto his own face. He is filled with strange demonic energies! It's not enough to protect him as a demon smacks him to the ground, and his return attack leads to his sword shattering into a thousand pieces as the energy courses through him.
- Nevertheless, the battle has hurt both enemy demons. Parabolus finishes them off, then crouches to help Dorian. He's an oozing wreck, legs failing to form and rich red ichor dripping from punctures in his clammy clay skin.
- Dorian scarfs down some fried snake and iron rations to rebuild his body, while Parabolus guards the entrance. They're both heavily damaged, even with Dorian managing to stand up again.

--- Night on the Cube
- They're exhausted and there's no easy way back up to the surface. They realise the cube might be their salvation, and assist each other in climbing up its rippled stone surface. In the claustrophobic gap between the cube and the ceiling, they finally get some rest.
- During their rest in the infinite hissing darkness of Fate, Parabolus briefly stirs in the artificial night. There's a slurping schlorping sound... and he peeks over the edge of the cube to see a slime digesting the demons' corpses.
- Later, there are some tiger people sniffing around, wondering where the Sloth demons are. Apparently they were meant to be patrolling this area, and they missed a couple of check-ins.

--- Beyond Human Burger
- Somewhat healed up by their rest on top of the cube, but out of food, Dorian decides on an excursion to the tiger-people to see if he can rustle up some food. He's got the Sloth demon mask, after all.
- After a fair amount of negotiation where Dorian persuades the tiger-boss that he needs to feed his slothful minion some food so he can continue to be sinfully slothful, he bags one of the clone corpses that the tigers feed on.
- He hurries back to the cube and they swiftly cook up some "Beyond Human Burgers" using clone-human meat, loads of marmite, and some mysterious embyros they found somewhere in the Meatlands. They use a bunch of Nullifier Spice though, so there won't be any downsides from eating man-flesh.
- They gobble the passable meal down, but the smell attracts a tiger-man!
- They buy him off with a burger... but then the fire sets off a fire alarm and water starts gushing from the sprinklers above! This wets the rest of the tiger-man's tiger party and, yowling, they run off to where it's dry. Safe for now!

--- Mushroom Muushroom
- They keep going and hear a sound like chickens clucking somewhere. Two and two are put together - that stone cube must have been a gelatinous cube that ate a cockatrice! Best to avoid those things.
- They head into a room that's a bit like an abandoned school cafeteria. Huge purple mushrooms glow with a faint light, countless suppurating holes peppering the caps that look unsettlingly like they're breathing.
- The mushrooms SCREM!
- Growls and yowling of a bunch of tiger-people come towards the pair. The mushrooms attracted them!
- The pair flee up a corridor, finding a barricade, and swiftly shimmy up and over before the tiger-people can get them.
- The roar of some great beast, closer now, roars out, sending ripples through the strange heat-haze distortion along all the walls. The tiger-people leave, assuming that whatever that is will eat our heroes.

--- Snake Stuff
- They look around the little room they've ended up in. The machinery of the walls has been smashed up and battered so it resembles a whole room made up of snakes. The door, covered in snake pictograms, has been smashed in.
- The next room once had mighty pistons between floor and ceiling, and these too have been battered until they look like snakes. There's snake poo on the floor.
- Since there's probably a snake in there, we wrap up for the night...

Total: 8000 exp

Enemies Defeated:
Two Sloth demons (200 exp)
Total: 200 exp

- Chronicler and Treasurer: Kitty
- Vanguard and Expedition Leader: George

Exp Totals:
- Kitty / Dorian "Ditto" DeMone, Level 6 Inheritor: 39481 (Level up at 72000)
Level Up! +1d6 HP! +1 Meat Point! +1 Mutation Limit! +2 to Save! +Backstory!
- George / Parabolus, Level 4 Specialist Ventriloquist: 12972 (Level up at 14000)

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